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District Digest

In this week’s digest, the local startup community offers support to customers as they reopen. Halifax-based Clean Valley Bio-Filtration Technologies tests innovative filter for bio-masks and more.

New creative solutions and successful funding rounds

June brought new innovations and successful funding rounds for startups and scaleups B-line, B4, FoodByte, Bloxo and more in Halifax's Innovation District.

Fresh strides, more needed to support diversity in innovation

Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic saturated the news in April and May, the innovation and startup segment in greater Halifax in June focused on diversity and inclusivity.

District Digest

This week in our District Digest, entrepreneurial ecosystem produces more tech talent and jobs with international expansions. BIO Innovation Challenge opens registration to Health and Biotech…

Startups to Enhance the Oceantech Sector

The Ocean Startup Project was created in an effort to create, grow, and attract high-quality ocean technology companies.

District Digest

In this week’s District Digest, Early stage startup Bloxo make strides despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Sona Nano Tech stocks surges up 123% and many more.

District Digest

Featured in this week’s digest, district startups and organizations push to combat COVID-19 and support businesses recover from the pandemic; Tenera care gets accepted into the CDL recovery program…

District Digest

This week in our District Digest, Local startups reach higher heights in national awards and regional competitions; B4 launches contactless payments to support the hospitality industry and many more.

District Digest

In this week’s digest, local companies Appili Therapeutics and Proposify raise seven-figure funds; Bursity and Electric Puppets offer support during the COVID-19 pandemic and many more.

District Digest

As part of the Ocean’s Week celebration our weekly digest features, local companies and organizations supporting the ocean economy. It highlights new partnerships with COVE and IGNITE, the new Ocean…

Health researchers in Halifax turn to collaboration in crisis

The Nova Scotia COVID-19 Health Research Coalition was built on the importance of collaboration rather than competition in the Halifax research community during a time of crisis.

Oceans and Diversity Flourish Despite Pandemic

With oceans week coming up, the growth in our oceans sector made news last month. New programs in the District are supporting diversity and inclusion and companies continue to collaborate and partner…