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By Carol Moreira

June brought new innovations and successful funding rounds for startups and scaleups in the District.

B-Line Analytics,a Halifax startup that makes software that tracks commuters, is creating a contact-tracing service to alert users if they come in contact with someone with COVID-19.

The venture’s existing app tracks users’ movements to and from commercial buildings so that planners can understand and manage traffic flows.

Now B-Line is adding features to identify where people with COVID-19 have been. B-Line’s offering is limited to a single office building at a time.

“People are on high alert right now, and anything [that makes] them feel safer, people want that solution,” CEO Aaron Short told Entrevestor. “Otherwise, it’s like getting on a ship with no life jackets.”

The app will allow infected users to share information, such as which floor of a building they work on and the times they were there. Other users are told of possible exposure.

The whole process is anonymous. It’s also voluntary and localized; Short said it won’t need legislative changes other forms of tracking might require.

“We have found Halifax to be a great entrepreneurial hub, and we look forward to exploring further investment opportunities in the region,” said CBGF Chief Executive George Rossolatos.