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Green Delivery Service pilot will support local businesses and startups while reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The Green Delivery Service pilot project will support the prototyping process for Halifax-based startups, support local retailers while encouraging Halifax residents to buy local, and reduce carbon…

Halifax Innovation District Selected for Inclusion in Global Network of Innovation Districts

Halifax Innovation District is pleased to announce its inclusion in a select network of innovation districts convened by the Global Institute on Innovation Districts (GIID).

Halifax Vaccine Research Center Bolsters the Fight Against Infectious Diseases

Research has been a key tool in the world's fight against infectious diseases over the years. Now more than ever people across the world are keeping a close watch on vaccine research.

Growing Canada’s Ocean Economy

The Halifax Innovation District sets ocean innovators and companies up for success and makes attracting and retaining world-class talent not only possible but a reality.

CarbonCure Leads Growth in Cleantech Sector Halifax

The cleantech sector in the Halifax Innovation District and the region is booming, led by CarbonCure Technologies, a leading producer of innovations that remove carbon dioxide from the air.

Startups in Halifax Reach New Customers and Raise Funds

Last month partnerships and collaborations between startups, support organizations, and government continued to grow. Startups expanded their reach to new customers, products, and markets and…

Halifax Innovation District and Davis Pier Seek Fresh Ideas to Improve Food Security

The Halifax Innovation District and Davis Pier today announced a new initiative to help improve food security in Halifax.

Halifax startup pilots global solution to COVID-19 screening with local innovation partners

Halifax-based startup Inc. is testing a safer, more secure alternative to screen for COVID-19 with local innovation partners Halifax Partnership and Volta.

Halifax Startups and Companies Continue to Advance

In September, startups and established companies made important progress in the Halifax Innovation District. There were mergers and acquisitions, successful funding raised, and continued…

Innovative Solutions For Senior Care

Halifax has experienced a transformation in health and home care delivery to our senior population. With one of the oldest populations in the country, emerging startups are developing innovative…

Women in Innovation Sector Advance in Halifax

In August, the rise of women into executive roles in the innovation community became a noticeable trend.

Halifax Animation Studios Could Hire 300 People This Year

Halifax's animation industry is thriving and local studios in the Innovation District are working at full capacity and growing. Our city is also an appealing spot for animators offering a balanced…