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Startup & Scaleup Pilots

Priority Area: Projects

Dates: May 2021 - Oct. 2021

Status: Completed

Halifax is a mid-size city with a connected and collaborative innovation ecosystem, making it an ideal testing ground for local and global startups and scaleups to test, pilot, and evolve new technology and products in partnership with private, public, and post-secondary partners.

Through the Halifax Innovation Outpost’s City as a Living Lab initiative, Halifax-based startup partnered with Halifax Partnership Investors and other established companies and organizations to be early testers and adopters of their products.

Participating Startups


When COVID-19 hit, Rimot, which traditionally uses its remote monitoring technology to keep critical infrastructure working for business and government, saw an opportunity to use its platform to make workplaces safer by screening people for the virus using a touchless thermal camera and automated questionnaires. They swiftly developed a prototype and are now deploying their RimotHEALTH Workplace Virus Threat Screening turnkey cloud-based solution across North America and Europe.

To support the company in evolving and scaling its technology, Halifax Partnership and Volta are piloting the RimotHEALTH unit within their workplaces.

Tranquility Online

Designed for businesses and organizations of every kind, Tranquility offers pathways to better mental health by delivering gold-standard Cognitive Behavioral Therapy digitally to a user’s phone or computer. Using Tranquility, people and organizations can better manage their stress and mood through an interactive and comprehensive program, self-directed or with the support of a coach over video, phone, or in-app messaging.

This pilot aims to support the growth of Tranquility's user base and provide valuable feedback to advance its product while giving employees of participating companies much-needed mental health support.


Harbr is FinTech for construction and development projects that facilitates prompt payments for the construction industry in a mutually beneficial way, matching work to invoices, automating the accounts receivables process, and streamlining approvals.

Harbr is focused on building its user base and the Halifax Innovation Outpost is helping the company connect with private sector users and potential customers.

  • Andrew Boswell Photo

    Our existing customers and partners triggered us to create a sustainable way to screen workers to keep workplaces safe through COVID-19 and beyond. These deployments with Halifax Partnership and Volta are another example of how we have benefited from being part of the Innovation District Ecosystem.

    Andrew Boswell
    Chief Executive Officer, Rimot
  • Joel Muise Photo

    When it became apartment that COVID-19 was a global pandemic, we quickly realized that our virtual mental health platform could be part of the solution in supporting people through this very challenging time.

    Joel Muise
    Co-Founder & CEO, Tranquility Online
  • Ashley Kielbratowski Photo

    Harbr offers a service and technology that helps the construction industry operate more effectively and efficiently in today's digital economy.

    Ashley Kielbratowski
    Chief Growth Officer, Harbr