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Green Delivery Service

Priority Area: Climate Action

Dates: Dec. 2020 - Jan. 2021

Status: Completed

The Green Delivery Service pilot project supported the prototyping process of three Halifax-based startups while reducing carbon emissions and supporting local retailers during the pandemic.

During the one-month pilot, local delivery startups Haligone and Kangaroo used electric vehicles supplied by startup All EV Canada. Haligone delivered non-perishable products for retailers while Kangaroo provided independent restaurants and customers in rural areas of the municipality with a platform for food delivery. Delivery and electric vehicle rental costs were covered by the project.

This was the first of several green economy pilots that contribute to the Halifax Regional Municipality meeting both economic and climate goals.


  • 1,400+ deliveries with EV’s
  • Supported the development and growth of three local startups
  • Inspired the continued use of EV’s
  • Supported local businesses in delivering products to customers during pandemic shutdowns
  • Reduced carbon emissions

Who was involved?

The Halifax Innovation District collaborated with three local startups (Haligone, Kangaroo and All EV), Clean Foundation, Halifax Regional Municipality, Halifax's local Business Improvement Districts and other partners.

Project News & Updates

See what our partners have been up to since the pilot:

Haligone Delivery Service Preps National Expansion (AllNS – April 20th, 2022)