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With baby boomers retiring, Atlantic Canada, including Halifax, is facing one of the oldest populations in the country. Though some may see this as a significant challenge, to others this presents a unique opportunity for senior care innovations. Our Halifax’s Innovation District is home to several budding startups that are disrupting senior care. And next week, the Innovate Care 2020 Conference will host speakers from across North America to discuss how to build a better world in health care and home care through technology and smart devices.

Five Tech Companies Disrupting Senior Living

Halifax-based senior care data analytics company, Tenera Care is focused on creating safer care facilities using their wearable technology and analytics platform. They provide reliable, real-time data to senior living facilities to help them monitor and analyze health patterns and activities to measure safety and reduce risk.


HomeEXCEPT wireless sensor technology anonymously monitors and tracks data for senior living facilities to reduce risks and improve efficiency. With privacy as a key priority, the platform does not use cameras or microphones, but rather machine learning to find exceptions to the usual patterns of daily living. This year, the company was a finalist in the AGE-WELL National Impact Challenge.

Nxtgen Care Logo Reversed Blue

Using business intelligence, Nxtgen Care is helping operators of senior care communities to efficiently manage facilities, reduce costs, and enhance care delivery. Partnering with a major U.S care home company, Nxtgen Care recently expanded its technology to 50 facilities across the U.S. The company has also raised $1.5 million from local and international investors, including Innovacorp.

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Novalte is a smart tech solution company with a platform that allows disabled seniors to live more independently. Their smart devices allow seniors with mobility challenges to control their environments including operating a TV, lights, and changing the angle of their beds. The company recently moved from Ontario to Halifax to leverage the startup ecosystem, regional programs, and organizations to help their company grow locally and internationally.

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Aging2.0 is a global innovation platform on a mission to accelerate innovation to improve the lives of older adults around the world. Founded in 2012, Aging 2.0’s international, interdisciplinary, and intergenerational community has grown to 40,000+ innovators across 31 countries. Their volunteer-run chapter network, which spans over 120 cities, has hosted more than 700 events around the world. They are currently building out the world's first collective intelligence platform for innovation in aging.

Innovate Care Virtual Conference

Innovate Care Virtual Conference

On October 5 and 6th Innovate Care 2020, in partnership with Aging 2.0, will host expert speakers from around North America to discuss innovations and new technology in in-home care and health care. The conference will bring together a wide variety of participants including homecare professionals, seniors, researchers, and companies that are developing new and exciting technology.

Halifax was selected as the ideal location for the virtual conference because of the city’s commitment to building age-friendly communities and Nova Scotia’s SHIFT action plan. The Innovation District’s unique mix of academic institutions, accelerators, incubators, and supportive government agencies are aligned to help grow the Agetech sector. There’s a potential for Halifax to become a leader in the development of new products, services, and technology for senior care.

Aside from Aging 2.0 Halifax and The Jameson Group the virtual health conference has also received support from The Nova Scotia Government, ACOA, Innovacorp, Tourism Nova Scotia, CAA Atlantic, Canada Infoway, Tenera Care, Northwood, Home Except, and Lotsa Helping Hands. These support organizations recognize the great opportunity that this conference provides to demonstrate what Nova Scotia and Halifax has to offer and share the products and services offered, to a widespread and diverse audience.

This week, Nova Scotia is celebrating Seniors Week, highlighting the value and importance of this rapidly growing segment of our population and the significant contributions they make to our communities. Increased collaboration on innovative health care solutions is poised to improve the quality of care for seniors as they enjoy healthy and longer lives. From remote monitoring systems to behavior tracking and analytics, senior care technology in advancing here in Halifax as well as across the world.