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Oceans Ecosystem Forges Global Links

Halifax offers a unique and collaborative ecosystem of companies, research institutes in the ocean sector. Read why Halifax's Innovation District is home to dozens of budding oceantech startups and…

Halifax Cleantech Company CarbonCure can now say it Occupies the Same Rarefied Air as Aviation Pioneer Charles Lindbergh

Dartmouth company, CarbonCure wins US$8M for Carbon XPRIZE, a descendant of the inaugural Orteig Prize. CarbonCure is at the forefront of the carbon-utilization focusing on cleantech solutions for…

Halifax-based Startups Piloting New Technologies with Local Partners

On the heels of successful pilots with Rimot, Haligone, Kangaroo and AllEV, the Halifax Innovation Outpost is launching two new pilot projects with Halifax-based startups Harbr and Tranquility.

A Wave of Growth Lifts the Oceans Sector as Computer Training and the Commercialization of Research Gain Attention

March saw developments in the nascent oceans sector, alongside a fresh focus on addressing the shortfall in trained IT talent and boosting research with commercial potential. Diverse companies dug…

Funding Options Increase and Diverse Startups Thrive

February developments in the Innovation District saw a boost to funding options for entrepreneurs and developments in the oceans, health, and environmental sectors.

Halifax Sees Growth in Startups and Increased Focus on Diversity

Last month, startups in the Halifax Innovation District saw growth - with acquisitions, renewed partnerships, and market expansions. Additionally, many of the support organizations in Halifax are…

Halifax Innovation Sector Ends Year Intact

It’s too early to assess the impact of COVID-19 on Halifax's Innovation District. However, indicators are showing local startups and companies found ways to navigate the pandemic, with pivots,…

Green Delivery Service pilot will support local businesses and startups while reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The Green Delivery Service pilot project will support the prototyping process for Halifax-based startups, support local retailers while encouraging Halifax residents to buy local, and reduce carbon…

Halifax Innovation District Selected for Inclusion in Global Network of Innovation Districts

Halifax Innovation District is pleased to announce its inclusion in a select network of innovation districts convened by the Global Institute on Innovation Districts (GIID).

Halifax Vaccine Research Center Bolsters the Fight Against Infectious Diseases

Research has been a key tool in the world's fight against infectious diseases over the years. Now more than ever people across the world are keeping a close watch on vaccine research.

Growing Canada’s Ocean Economy

The Halifax Innovation District sets ocean innovators and companies up for success and makes attracting and retaining world-class talent not only possible but a reality.

CarbonCure Leads Growth in Cleantech Sector Halifax

The cleantech sector in the Halifax Innovation District and the region is booming, led by CarbonCure Technologies, a leading producer of innovations that remove carbon dioxide from the air.