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This website will be retired soon - please go to Innovate in Halifax on the Halifax Partnership website.

Food Community Challenge

Priority Area: Food Action

Dates: Feb. 2022 - Mar. 2022

Status: Completed

In February 2022, the Outpost ran the Food Community Program innovation challenge to pilot new services that could strengthen food security within the municipality.

The program worked with social enterprises, not-for-profits, startups, and businesses to identify challenges and create sustainable, impactful food solutions.

Twenty-four opportunities were identified of which 10 were selected and awarded $5,000 each and customized support to develop their ideas.


  1. Organization – Public Good Society
    Project Name – Collaborative Community Fridge Pilot Program
    Project Objective – To dismantle stigma and hierarchy and make nutrient dense food accessible without registering or monitoring by bringing an internationally successful mutual aid initiative to our very own community of Dartmouth Nova Scotia.

  2. Organization – Akoma/Very local Greens
    Project Name – Automated Pickup Climate-controlled Kiosk Platform
    Project Objective - To have products from food producers which can be picked up by customers on site without the need for a staff member to be on site. The system will keep the food safe and cooled to prolong the shelf life and give flexibility to the food provider and end customer.

  3. Organization – Hopeblooms
    Project Name – Digital Currency
    Project Objective - To encourage community excellence and empowerment for both youth, adults and seniors by developing a digital currency which will create an equitable marketplace where there is no exchange of money between patrons and vendors.

  4. Organization – Mealful
    Project Name – Food Desert & Accessibility Pilot
    Project Objective - To validate a new hub business model specifically in communities that are facing food insecurities especially manufacturing workers and people residing in food deserts.

  5. Organization – Easy Platter
    Project Name – Education & Skill Development
    Project Objective - To democratize nutrition and educate people to eat healthier meals affordably by automating and testing a process that shares food lessons with everyone.

  6. Organization – Loaded Ladle
    Project Name – Food Justice Coalition
    Project Objective - To development of a Food justice coalition. This coalition is about resources, programming, and activism in the Maritimes.

  7. Organization – Beechville Education Society
    Project Name – Food Box Delivery & Sustainable Garden Kits
    Project Objective - To enable community members to participate in primary food production, by equipping them with methods of sustainable food creation and preparation through information, access, and resources.
  1. Organization – Drinkable Water Solutions
  2. Project Name – Water Verification Tool
    Project Objective - To provide is the world's first accurate, effortless, and easy to use water quality test device, which includes simplified risks communication, and real-time treatment consultation.

  3. Organization – Common Good Solutions
    Project Name – Food Desert Cloud Kitchen
    Project Objective - To support ANS food producers who aren't currently able to work from licensed facilities by leasing a commercial kitchen in the North end of Halifax.

  4. Organization – Common Roots
    Project Name – Farm Incubator
    Project Objective - To provide access to fresh, culturally relevant food for newcomers to Canada by piloting a small, individually run market garden, or ‘incubator farm’. Being able to affordably access culturally relevant food impacts overall health and wellbeing, increases food security, provides a sense of belonging, and provides important food for communities at cultural celebrations.