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Volta, one of Canada’s largest innovation hubs, has played a significant role in shaping the innovation ecosystem and District in Halifax since 2013. They have created a community and physical space where entrepreneurs, tech companies and other organizations can come together to explore new ideas and learn and grow from one another.

Volta’s 60,000-sq.-ft. space is home to more than 50 companies. They are home to various startups, scale-ups, corporate offices, and a number of Innovation Outposts, such as Accenture, Atlantic Lottery Corporation, the Government of Nova Scotia, and the newly opened Halifax Innovation Outpost, a partnership between the Halifax Regional Municipality and the Halifax Partnership. Innovation Outposts provide an environment for corporations and organizations to operate like a lean startup, focused on solving challenges efficiently and effectively. They not only benefit the firms and organizations, but also the startups.

“Strengthening connections between corporations and startups will not only lead to new ideas and product developments, but also further establish the region as a global destination for innovation,” said Jesse Rodgers, Volta CEO, in a recent edition of their semi-annual magazine, Voltage.

Jesse and the Volta team have been a driving force in creating a stronger innovation ecosystem in Halifax. Over the years, he has seen increased collaboration across sectors and more willingness to adopt innovative mindsets and methodologies in the city. He believes the region has all of the right pieces in place to make way for a more innovative future and be recognized as a global leader in innovation.

Volta offers programs for startups and scale-ups at every stage. For example, Volta Cohort helps early stage companies attract and secure venture capital through a microfund, while also providing founders mentorship and resources to grow their idea and business. A new program for the hub, Volta LEAP, helps early-stage startups become accelerator-ready through intensive workshops and training sessions. Their Alumni Program also provides them with ongoing support, and encourages them to remain engaged in the community and give back as a mentor, event judge, and more. Learn more about Volta’s programs here.

The innovation hub hosts more than 250 events each year for the community, including Innovate Atlantic, a conference to inspire, connect and challenge innovative mindsets in Halifax and Atlantic Canada. Their Lunch + Learn series brings in industry experts for training sessions on relevant topics, such as marketing, sales, customer success, and growth strategy.

Over the last year, Volta has been a critical partner in developing and advancing Halifax’s Innovation District. They continue to grow and support potential entrepreneurs, startups and the community, and are a proud voice of the District.

Volta by the Numbers