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Ocean Supercluster Launches Startup Challenge

Last week, Canada’s Ocean Supercluster launched the Ocean Startup Challenge for innovators and entrepreneurs to solve problems in the Ocean Economy. The competition spans aquaculture, fisheries, ocean transportation, bioscience, energy, healthy oceans and ecosystem services, energy, enabling technologies and data analytics. Ten winning startups and scaleups will each receive $25,000, key resources, support, connections and $18,000 in shared services from in-kind sponsors.

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Oceantech Company to Build Underwater Sensor Platforms

Local oceantech company, Dartmouth Ocean Technologies is working to build a ready-to-use underwater platform with sensors for marine research. “The long-term goal is to build a sensor or buy other sensors, put them on our wings, including the winching and deployment systems, and sell it as a turn-key system package,” said Arnold Furlong, President of Dartmouth Ocean Technologies.

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COVE and IGNITE Partner to Support Fish Tech Sector

Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship (COVE) and IGNITE have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to improve the “fish tech” sector for entrepreneurs and businesses. “The relationship with COVE allows for greater communication and partnership between the ocean industry in Nova Scotia and COVE leading to greater commercial opportunities, technology integration and overall growth in the ocean economy,” said Doug Jones, Chief Executive Officer, IGNITE

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Organo Bait Big Feature

Local Entrepreneurs Partner to Develop Synthetic Lobster Bait

Two entrepreneurs are collaborating with OrganoBait, a life sciences startup based in North Carolina, to create a more cost-effective and environmentally-friendly system for baiting lobster traps. “The industry has now come to the realization that bait shortages are imminent and bait prices are skyrocketing,” said Vince Stuart, President of Clare Machine Works.

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EOceans Monitoring COVID-19 From New App

In March, Halifax-based eOceans launched its app early to gather data on how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting the oceans. The app which includes a repository of 560,000 marine species will allow scientists and other users to record sightings of plants and animals in the oceans. “What the world is experiencing, including at sea, is unprecedented. Getting a picture of the impact on the oceans – positive or negative – will be very valuable,” said Founder and CEO Christine Ward-Paige

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DeepSense Supports Ocean Startups Amid COVID-19

District Oceantech company, DeepSense has launched a special initiative named the Data Analytics Readiness project to support ocean sector businesses and individuals. “Through providing some support now, we hope that this will enable companies who might not otherwise be ready for a DeepSense project to explore new business opportunities,” said Jennifer LaPlante, DeepSense executive director

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Grow Your Ocean Company with DeepSense

DeepSense supports the growth and adoption of AI and machine learning in the ocean sector. By supporting companies within the ocean supply chain with the resources and technology required to build a proof of concept, prototype, or functional AI solution, companies are better positioned to compete globally.

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